Dr. Lucy Hunt


2017 – Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Human Development & Family Sciences

2010 – B.A., Northwestern University, Psychology

Dr. Lucy Hunt's research broadly explores the psychological processes that drive attraction and romantic fulfillment across different relationship stages. For example, she examines how attraction processes are shaped by the content of romantic judgments (e.g., traits, projections of relationship quality) and by the impression formation context, specifically how judgments of the same group of targets vary across different contexts (e.g., photograph, video, face-to-face). Dr. Hunt is interested in how romantic judgments evolve across the lifespan as individuals transition from initial impression formation stages to early attraction processes to later relationship maintenance, and what implications these processes have for modern dating. She is currently assisting with a funded project on attachment processes with Dr. Ximena Arriaga, as well as with the administration of a research-based consortium on acceptance and inclusion at Purdue University.