How to Apply for the Lab

We welcome undergraduate students to apply for research assistant positions in the our lab. Undergraduate research assistants working in the lab throughout the year can receive credit for PSY 39000.

Students can register for PSY 39000 for the fall, spring, or summer sessions.


We look for candidates who are:

  • Interested in gaining research experience

  • Considering going to graduate school in Psychology

  • Considering a career in research

  • Completing an honors thesis in social psychology


Candidates must:

  • Be organized, motivated, reliable, and committed to being a part of the research team

  • Be performing well in their other courses

  • Be able to work in the lab for a minimum of 9 hours per week


Research assistant tasks include:

  • Running experiments (data collection)

  • Behavioral coding

  • Using SPSS for data management and data analysis

  • Study design and material preparation

  • Presenting of research

  • Attending lab meetings to discuss projects and related research


How to apply: 

  • Contact for an application

  • After sending your application, you may be contacted for an interview